Dear Mom: Gift Ideas for Mother's Day

A signature scent (we personally love this Givenchy perfume), antique gold bracelet, & beautiful amber cluster studs to make her getting ready process a bit more glamorous.


A yummy smelling candle in a pretty printed tin & eye-catching statement earrings to match for extra indulgence.


A kitschy paper weight to liven up her desk, funky cage ring & exotic drop earrings that will be sure to start conversations at her next dinner party.


wine stopper in the shape of her beloved pet, a sparkly cuff & elegant pastel colored earrings to bring little pops of happiness to her everyday life.


And don't forget the most important part of your meaningful gift, the heartfelt handwritten note expressing your love and gratitude for having such a wonderful mother. We especially like these vintage looking Polaroid cards for their one of a kind feel.  They come in a pack of 20 cards, each with a different Polaroid image, so you can pick and choose the one that fits your mom the best!